Saturday, October 3, 2020

Here We Go Again


Taxes, taxes, and more taxes, but we're still not paying enough, are we? That's the belief of a whole lot of politicians and not a few Americans (Sadly). But don't worry, if Biden is elected he won't raise YOUR taxes, he's only going after the rich, right? 
This article doesn't break it down by party, but I wonder how your delegate/senator voted (I am going to find out about mine)? Surely all the democrats voted for it, but I wonder how many of the cowards in the Republican Party went along? So, at the same time your ability to work is being restricted by Governor Blackface, his minions decide that you are not paying enough taxes. 
Also worth noting is something I have been trying to get people to understand for years now - THIS IS NOT THE ONLY TAX WE PAY! You see, every time a pol starts talking about raising a tax, any tax, the usual suspects come out to tell us, "Well, it's only .07 percent or .02 cents out of your paycheck. Blah blah blah." They do that to try and make you feel bad about opposing yet another tax increase, you selfish bastard. What they never talk about, and hope you won't bring up, is that this particular tax does not occur in a vacuum. It is one of many taxes that we already pay and it only serves to take more money away from us and give it to the government. And they do such a wonderful job marshaling our resources, don't they?
So, here we go again. Liberals will love it and tell you how necessary this increase is, because...muh roads. 🙄 While some Republican voters may complain, it won't matter, because it is done and we'll just have to wait and see how many of their "leaders" caved and helped. And when the state wastes more ofyour money and finds that it just can't get by on what it is taking from us now it will find yet another reason to raise our taxes again. But by all means you keep voting for them, because that's the kind of motivation that creates "change." 🙄