Thursday, August 27, 2020

Who Can We Count On?

Sadly, what gets lost in all the rioting, and violence toward innocent citizens, is the fact that changes do need to be made. However, as with so much in American political life the changes demanded are worse than the existing problem. I will use the "French Revolution" analogy again.

Does there need to be some form of police reform? Absolutely there does and I have been consistent in calling for it for years now. I have lost friends because of my calls for such reform. You see, by calling for that reform I have become a "cop-hater." Even the right does what the left does when you come after their Golden Idols. You know, how when you call for the abolition of the Federal Department of Education the left asks, "Why do you hate education so much? Why do you hate children?" You've seen it, you know what I mean.

But there is also a legitimate role for the police, if done properly, and that is the protection of your rights. For example; you have a right to not have your business burned down or looted, you have a right to sit in a restaurant and not be intimidated or assaulted by protesters, you have a right to be able to drive down the street without having things thrown at your car or being dragged out of it and beaten. The same people who want to take away your guns also want to defund or disband the police, thus leaving you with no means of self-defense or protection. And since we also know that the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 2005 that police have no obligation to protect you as an individual, where does that leave the majority of us? Of course this also leaves the rioters/looters with no means of self-defense when their victims decide to turn the tables.

These same rioters/looters/vandals declare that they seek a Marxist overthrow of the U.S. government as the means to their idea of "social justice." One need only read a book or two about examples of Marxism throughout history to know that Marxist governments have police departments and that those police departments do NOT protect YOUR rights, they protect the politburo's rights. If you don't like unmarked police grabbing people off the street and escorting them away, with no due process, then you are not going to like Marxism.

So, again, in all the madness we see going on right now people who had been on the "reform" bandwagon are now taking sides, and they are siding with the people they think can/will protect them and their businesses. In doing so the message has gotten lost and we find ourselves taking steps backward rather than forward. If our government and its agencies cannot or will not provide the protection of our rights then we must be able and willing to do it ourselves. However, if that same government is going to arrest you and me for exercising our right of self-defense and our right to protect our property or take away our means of that defense, our firearms, then where do we turn? Who are our friends and who are our enemies? Things to think about.