Saturday, August 22, 2020

Do You Enjoy Being a Slave?

We, as a culture, as a people, denounce slavery. We denounce its past and some of us even denounce its present (Still going on in Africa and sex slave trade). Some, however, are suspiciously quiet on its present, but that's another post for another time.

We denounce slavery because it is bad, it is anathema to our desires as human beings, it strips people of their dignity and their freedom. Ask around and see if you can find anyone who supports the idea of slavery. We see our culture and our nation today removing what are classified as memorials to slavery, even though that notion is misguided at best. But for the sake of this post let's go with that, let's say that any and all monuments to people from our past, that are seen to represent slavery, should be removed. The way we teach our nation's history must be changed, so as not to offend anyone by "bringing up the past." You know what I speak of. You've seen it and heard it yourself.

The bottom line to all this, one may assume, is the dislike, the downright hatred of anything that smacks of slavery, right? Yet many of the people who advocate for the removals and changes are actually contemporary advocates FOR slavery. Think I'm wrong? Just look at, read about, listen to, and understand what it is that statists of all stripes are pushing for. Right now the Democrats are the loudest, as Republicans are too cowardly to stand up and be heard (The pols, not the electorate). Just take the time to look at the laws that democrats push for and ask yourself, "Does this law promote or restrict freedom?" If slavery is the condition of one human being owned by another human, then which party right now is pushing for slavery of the American people?

Think I'm wrong again? Think I'm crazy? Do you really think that you are not "owned" by the state? LOOK! Pay attention to the laws and what they say and what they do. The state doesn't own you? They are already talking about MANDATORY vaccinations for Covid-19. MANDATORY! Does that sound like freedom to you? If it does then I suggest that you have a slave owner mentality. Don't pay your property tax on the house you own and see what happens. Sit down and make a list of all the money that the state takes from you, make a list of all the laws that restrict your freedom. Go ahead, do it. Then tell me that there aren't people in this country who advocate for slavery.

Just because the slave owner is an amalgam of two different parties and three levels of government, and not a single "plantation owner," doesn't make you any less a slave. Do you enjoy being a slave? I don't.