Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Are You "Right on the Issues?"

I swear, just when you think that politics can't get any more stupid and hypocritical....

So, each party wants you to believe that they alone are the arbiters of morality and righteous behavior. Remember when Bill Clinton was getting head from a young intern in the Oval Office? Remember when he was exploring new and unusual uses for cigars? Oh the Republicans lost their minds. How dare he?! He is debasing the good name of the office, etc., etc., etc.

Of course the democrats were all about, "Well, that is his personal business. Between him and his family. Blah blah blah." Hell, I even had a conversation with a woman in my life (No, not my wife), who said, "As long as he's right on the issues I'd s*** his d***, too." Are you with me so far?

Now comes the DNC Convention, such as it is, and all the speakers that the democrats long to hear from. One of these speakers was Bill Clinton. Bill wished to offer up his ideas on morality and what makes a good president. This from the guy who was doing an intern in the Oval Office and who had several sexual assault accusations and charges leveled against him. But the democrats don't care, as long as he is "right on the issues."

As you would expect the Republicans have lost no time in pointing out Clinton's peccadilloes, which, in their eyes, render him unqualified to make such comments. These are the same Republicans who are all too willing to overlook Trump's own peccadilloes. "Grab her by the p****." Twice divorced, his many other comments and actions that make him a less than stellar example of morality and proper behavior. But, as one would expect with politics, especially party politics, the republicans are all too willing to overlook all that, because to them he is "right on the issues."

So, what do we learn from all this? Is "morality" really what they are concerned about or is it just the chance to stick it to the opposition? All I am saying is, stop pretending that you actually care about the morality of the issue/person and just admit that all you care about is whether or not that person is "right on the issues." Stop being so hypocritical.