Friday, July 17, 2020

Let's Have That Dialogue

For as long as I can remember we have been told by the liberals and their activists that we must have an "open and frank dialogue" about race in this country. This happens, as expected, most frequently during presidential election years. My response has always been the same, "I'm in, let's do it."

In fact, as many of you already know, I have never been bashful about talking about race. The three stores my family used to own were in predominantly black neighborhoods, so I had many opportunities to do so. I have related a couple of those to you before. I have learned much from these conversations. The primary thing I have learned from the black Americans I have spoken with is that they do not follow the talking heads, pols, and hate-filled activists that always prop themselves up as "spokesmen" for the black community. We have much more in common than not.

But there is a difference in whom you choose to have that conversation with. There are the regular citizens, like you and me, every day people who just want to be left alone to live their lives and love their families. The other side, which I will amalgamate by calling them Social Justice Warriors (SJW's) include TV personalities/newsmen, celebrities (to include sports), politicians (who obviously have an ulterior motive), and hate-filled, and I do mean hate-filled, activists. The big difference between those two groups is that you can actually have a conversation with the regular folks, but when you try to do that with the SJW's you are not allowed to ask questions or make points.

This is a typical attempt at a "dialogue" with a SJW:

SJW: We need to have an open and frank dialogue about race in this country.

Me: Cool, I'm good with that.

SJW: OK, how about now?

Me: Fine. Now then, I'd like to ask....

SJW (Cutting in and stopping me): No, no! You don't get to ask questions, you just need to listen.

Me: But that's not a dialogue, that's a monologue.

SJW: Too bad, you white people never listen. You need to shut up and pay attention.

Me: But how can we reach any kind of accord if only one side gets to talk?

SJW: You are a racist!

Me: Why am I a racist?

SJW: Because you are trying to use your white privilege to keep me from talking.

And so it goes. You see, a dialogue with someone who is that dogmatic is impossible. They will not allow questions, they will not consider or think about any points that you make. They just call you a racist and shut you down. This tactic works on most people, because most people don't want to be called a racist, so they acquiesce and meekly shut up. Well, that tactic doesn't work with me. If they started by stating that we need to have a dialogue then I insist on having that dialogue. I will not be shut down, and calling me a racist won't work, because I am not one and am confident in that.

But, sadly, as long as only one side gets to talk and tries to shut down the other we cannot have that "open dialogue" that the SJW's claim they want to have. But rest assured, that will not keep me from asking questions and making my points. I will not be shut down.