Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Stay and fight, or flee?

I understand the need to seek asylum when things are bad. I will not deny that the need does exist from time to time and in certain places. But given our current state of affairs and the way in which our media and certain pols like to tell the story I am reminded of other "bad situations" from history, especially here in the United States.

When I speak of the many ways we have strayed from the ideals of our founding I am told "If you don't like your country then leave." See how stupid that sounds? Yes, there are people here who actually should be told that, because the country they seek to create is not one of the founding ideals. It is one of repression and a lack of freedom. A country of government control over every aspect of our lives. Those people should be no more welcome here than someone who joins a club and then tries to change its rules to suit them.

The country I seek is the country of our founding, a nation based on individual liberty, not government coercion. That is the reason for my rants and complaints. But it also brings up thoughts of how disingenuous the left in this country is. The left speaks of fairness and justice, but that is not really what they want. What they want is more obedient voters. More people they can buy votes from by offering free stuff. If they really believed their own rhetoric they would insist that those coming here would be better served staying where they are and fighting for the change that they seek. Not coming to another country and bringing their failed ideas with them.

Let us take a look back at U.S. history for some examples. The very founding of this nation was born of strife and a desire for liberty. Americans didn't "leave" their states, they FOUGHT against the strongest military in the world at that time and won their freedom. They then attempted to set up a government that would codify and protect that freedom. Sadly, humans being humans, there were those who quickly came to realize how they could use and benefit from that system, to the detriment of their fellow citizens and the freedom they were supposed to protect.

This would lead to another war. For some the purported reason was to end slavery, for others it was the effort to adhere to the system of government that was established. The results of that war only served to lead to further government intrusion into our lives and thus less freedom.

Then we entered into the Civil Rights Era. Black men and women, though legally free, were not afforded the same freedom as other citizens. Even after bringing much blood, sweat, and tears to the growth of this country and after offering up their very lives in our numerous wars, they were still treated as second-class citizens. But they continued to strive for the freedoms they deserved and eventually achieved the freedom that was their due.

My point? At not time - AT NO TIME - did any of these Americans leave "en masse" to seek asylum elsewhere, to try and implement and establish the freedom that America promised in some other area of the globe. No! What they did was stay here and fight for what they deserved. They fought, both rhetorically and physically, for their liberty. That fight continues to this day. Now the fight is between those who seek more and bigger government, which means less freedom, and those who seek the individual liberty that the founding of America promised.

I will not leave. I was born here and I demand my rights, not just as an American, but as a human-being. I will not be told that I should "go elsewhere" when it is "they" who seek to undermine and destroy the idea of freedom in this country, not me. In the meantime, those, on the left and the right, who tell me that I should leave while others may come in unannounced, can go play in rush hour traffic. If the many "asylum seekers" and other immigrants coming here from other countries are or can be so beneficial to our nation, then why can't they be encouraged to be "beneficial" to their own? Why are they not encouraged to stay and stand and fight for the freedoms they desire? We did it and continue to do it. Why can't they?