Monday, November 5, 2018

Who Should Be Angry?

There is a lot of anger out there. We are told by people who are exhibiting their own anger, while telling us that their love will overcome hate, that we need to calm down, to be civil, to stop being angry.

Well, I will tell you that there are times when a person should be angry, must be angry, cannot help but be angry, if they care about anything of importance. This is especially true if what they care about is under attack. To those who tell me that I should not be so angry I would simply say, "I don't care what you think!" I have every right to be angry and I will explain why.

There are two types of angry we are seeing. One is the anger that comes from seeing people try to strip you of your unalienable rights (Look it up). Humans have numerous unalienable rights, far too many to spell out in our Constitution and Bill or Rights. It is also helpful to understand the difference between a right and a privilege. It is also important to know what you ARE NOT entitled to. I belong to this group, the group that is angry because people are trying to take away my rights. As I see it I have every right to be angry.

The other group are those who think that they are entitled to the fruits of other peoples labor. They are angry because people like me dare to challenge this sick and twisted way of thinking. They are upset and angry because they think they will lose their "free stuff," which is not free for those of us who are paying for it. YOU DO NOT HAVE A RIGHT TO ANY PART OF THE FRUITS OF MY LABOR. NOT ANY, AT ALL, PERIOD! You do not have a right to be angry because you are not losing that which you have worked for and earned. You stand to lose that which others earned and had stolen from them by the government. There is no comparison between these two groups. Seeking to keep and exercise my unalienable rights is far different from seeking to take them from others.
So yeah, I am angry, and until freedom, REAL FREEDOM, not just a good economy, is achieved in this country I will remain angry and I will say so when it pleases me to say so. Those of you who seek to take from me my freedom and my money can go pound sand. How's that for showing my anger?