Friday, September 15, 2017

Richmond Mayor choosing to focus on Confederate Monuments over Black Shooters?

By Floyd Bayne

Look, I know we're told that we shouldn't make things about race. We're told that we shouldn't notice skin color or culture or religion,etc. etc., but for the love of sanity can we just be honest?

While the city of Richmond, it's Mayor and, apparently, many of its citizens, are worrying themselves silly about monuments, the murders continue. Now, I am going to point out what is and should be obvious to any reasonable and thinking person - These murders are being committed in black neighborhoods, by black people, against other black people. THERE! I said it. I await the cat-calls and charges of racism. But while you're deciding which name to call me please take the time to tell me where I am wrong here.

It ain't white nationalists, the KKK, Aryan Nations, NAZIS, the Republican Party, and it DAMNED SURE AIN'T CONFEDERATE MONUMENTS driving through those neighborhoods and killing black citizens. So please, tell me what your excuse for that is.How do you explain this away? Whom are you going to blame it on, as the reality becomes ever more clear?

And ask any cop who responds to these murders to investigate, what the standard answer is when local citizens are queried. Can I tell you what it is? Try this - "I didn't see nothing." or "I ain't gonna drop a dime on a brother." Want to call me racist for pointing this out? Go right ahead, but even YOU know that I am right. So, while Stoney and others want to make a big splash talking about the hate engendered by monuments, their very own communities keep killing each other. You can hate white folks all you want, you can blame white folks for all your ills, you can keep living in the past and blaming slavery, that ended over 150 years ago, for every stumble you experience, but it ain't white folks doing the killing.

Until people are willing to come to grips with that and get their own house in order removing monuments and blaming others is not going make anything better.

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