Friday, January 20, 2017

Messiah in a Suit

Far too many Americans, both Republicans and Democrats, seem to think that we need, must have, are meant to have a person or persons to take care of us. Someone to make our lives easier, worth living, to take away all the boo-boos, to remove obstacles in our lives or to place obstacles in front of people we don't like. The idea of actually doing for themselves, of removing their own obstacles, of being dependent upon themselves and their family is completely foreign to them.

Could it be that they have been educated to think that way? Is this how the human animal, at least here in the U.S., has chosen to "evolve?" What if this person or persons are not capable of such a task? What if they are, in fact, less capable than you are? Then what do you do? Do you keep looking for the next person to take care of you or do you learn to do for yourself?

The thought popped into my head that the majority of my fellow Americans are looking for a "Messiah in a suit."