Sunday, April 17, 2016

Still Believe the Government Story?

Have you ever tried to get someone, anyone, a friend, an acquaintance, a co-worker, family member, anyone, to think about something that they simply did not want to think about? Something that goes so much against their world view that the fact you even brought it up makes them question your sanity? I have spoken before about the term "Cognitive Dissonance," but this may even go beyond that description.

This is particularly frustrating when the same people who call you a nut and ask where your tin-foil hat is, are basing their disbelief in your contentions on the fact that they now choose to believe the government/media narrative of a story over the lessons that history and commonsense teach us. The same government/media that heretofore those people, we shall call them "ID's" - In Denial, in conversations, on FaceBook, in memes, in commentary, tell you almost daily how they do not trust or believe the government or the media. If you point to a news story from any of the major sources they will roll their eyes, maybe even laugh at you, and say something like, "You don't really believe the news, do you?" Yes, these people are out there. I know some of them. They are "friends" on my FaceBook page, they write letters to the editor of the local newspaper, they call in to the local radio talk show, they are adamant about how we should not trust the government or the main-stream-media.

But then something strange happens. A tragedy that boggles even the most stoic mind takes place. An evil is perpetrated upon innocent people, upon fellow Americans that is so unfathomable, so despicable, that the mind reels. Someone is to blame, someone did this, someone is responsible, someone must be held accountable. Ah, but whom? Who would do something this evil, this inhuman, this callous, this unbelievable in scope and destruction? They must be inhuman monsters. They cannot be anyone who looks like us, who talks like us, who dresses like us, who worships like us. They have to be "different." That is the only way to explain it. No one who lives here, works here, looks and acts and talks like us could do such evil things. And so the stories begin to filter through the haze of horror and disbelief. It was those people. Yes, that's it. It cannot be anyone from among our own. It was an outside force, someone or some group from afar, people who cannot appreciate what it is that we have here and want to see it destroyed. That has to be it.

And then along come others of us, who do not allow the anger and hatred to consume our immediate response. People who are indeed angry, upset, and want to see those responsible held accountable, but people who are not so quick to jump on the first bandwagon that comes along. People who do not immediately believe every story that the government and the media tell us to believe. We step back, we observe, we listen, we apply logic, commonsense, and a knowledge of the evils that have been perpetrated throughout history. Many of these evils committed against people by people who look and act and talk just like them. It has happened before and it can happen again. This we know from the lessons that history teaches us. History also teaches us that there will always be those who will refuse to believe the truth, who will not brook any dissent, who will look down upon and denounce any who point out the inconsistencies, the lies, the truth of a given situation, because it goes against their own firmly held beliefs. This is especially saddening and frustrating in this information age that we live in, but it remains a fact of life.

I and others hold firm to our statements that we do not trust or believe the government or the major media outlets. We do not "pick and choose" what we will accept as truth and what facts we will conveniently overlook, as long as it fits into our world view. We ask questions, we demand answers, we seek truth, no matter where that truth may lead. We do not accept stories that can so easily be disproved, we do not accept a story just because its source is "American," we simply seek to get to the root, the very base of the problem and hold those responsible accountable. It does not matter to me if those responsible look like me or look different. If they have done wrong, if they have committed evil against their fellow man, then they must be held to account.

But this does not seem to be true of many Americans today. You may try to correct my assessment, and I do realize that there is a minority among us who seek truth, but my experience has been that if the truth points in a direction that you don't like then you choose to ignore it, to deflect, to point somewhere else. When I make statements about or ask questions about the events that occurred on 9/11 you immediately go into knee-jerk mode. See! He's crazy! He's a conspiracy nut. He hates America, and so on and so forth. At no point has anyone chosen to refute any of my claims, at no time have they actually bothered to look into the questions I am asking to find out if I am right or wrong, rather, they just start right in with the ad hominem attacks and allow the government/media narrative to remain intact. This willful ignorance, this "super-patriotism" does nothing to get to the truth or hold the responsible parties accountable, but it does seem to assuage ones fears and feelings. And while that may be fine for the individual, it does nothing to get to the truth.

Now comes news that I, and others, have been trying to get you to consider for years. All we asked was that you explore, search, THINK, about the possibilities, because the story we were being told just did not make sense. And don't you dare, DON'T YOU DARE, tell me that you don't accept this story's potential for truth, because it comes from the New York Post. You were all too willing to believe the NYP stories about 9/11 from day one, so if you wish to be even a little consistent you must believe it now. But this should come as no surprise. Those of us who seek the truth, who learn from history, have been pointing out this and other possibilities from the beginning, but you know how you reacted to that. Other questions that need exploration have to do with why the Saudi's own so much in American assets. I remember how many of you just lost your minds years ago when news started coming out about how the Japanese and the Chinese were buying up so much property and so many U.S. businesses. I don't seem to recall the same consternation on your part regarding the Saudi's owning so much of America. Is it because you just don't care or is it because the news media, that you trusted implicitly regarding 9/11, has been keeping some facts from you? Well, which is it?

Right now there seems to be a desire to get at the information in some twenty-eight pages of a congressional report. Now many of you are jumping up and down and demanding that the truth be told, better late than never I suppose, but I am reading this and another question pops into my head, "If this is in a congressional report that means that someone(s) in our government knows the truth and they have not been forthcoming." DO YOU STILL TRUST YOUR GOVERNMENT?! Oh I know, you didn't want to believe it, because it would mean that a Republican administration was culpable, but you're perfectly fine believing that a Democrat administration is capable of such deceit (Just flip the positions and you'll see how hypocritical and, dare I say, stupid, you all appear to me). Hey! News flash, both parties don't give a rat's rear-end about you, get it? And as for you Democrats, you environmental tree-huggers who go apoplectic at the thought of drilling for oil here in the continental United States, or off-shore, here's something for you to contemplate - Maybe your beloved government wouldn't be in bed with the Saudis in the first place if we weren't so dependent on their oil. Think of all the things that have happened globally, involving the U.S., that could have been avoided if we drilled for our own oil and didn't have to suck up to countries in the Middle East for it. I know, I know, I'm asking you to think, not feel, but do give it a try.

Before I close I will just make one more effort to get you to think about how we got here. The next time I or another, questions anything about what happened on 9/11, or any of a series of other occurrences, just remember that you are basing your contentions on a report from the 9/11 Commission - A GOVERNMENT REPORT. This report was parroted by all the major news media outlets, you remember them don't you, the people you say you don't trust, because they have an "anti-American" agenda and they lie to you daily. Now that report's veracity is being called into question. The people who should have been investigating, to get to the truth, your beloved news media, have been missing in action for many years now, yet you dare not listen to or believe anyone who questions the story put forth by either of these entities. And you call me the crazy one?