Monday, January 11, 2016

We need to ban automobiles since they kill more people than guns, right?

Floyd Bayne | January 11, 2016
OK, I know that I will not hear any response from the liberals who see this, but I will ask anyway.
Obama, and his liar.....uh, I mean press secretary, tell us that over 30,000 deaths occur each year from firearms. Of course we know, as a little research will show (You remember how to do research, don't you?) that this number is bullshit, but why allow facts to interfere with the agenda? But for the sake of this discussion let us just proceed as if that number is accurate.
OK, so 30,000 deaths is bad, right? And because it is bad we must DO SOMETHING, right"? And that SOMETHING is to restrict lawful access to an object, the firearm, right? Now then, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety we have over 30,000 deaths in this country each year because of.................automobiles. Got it? With me so far? Oh, by the way, I know this because I actually DID THE FREAKIN' RESEARCH!! Anyway, back to my point - If you liberals are going to be consistent (I know, I know, but a guy can dream, can't he?), then when can we expect your call for the abolition of automobiles? OK, maybe not abolition, how about severe restrictions, so that people with "mental issues" can't get and drive one? Anything? Coming soon? Why not?! Seriously, WHY NOT?!
Answer the question, damn you! If you REALLY are concerned about "saving just one life," then why not go after automobiles with the same zeal that you go after firearms? They are both mere objects, tools that can be used for good or ill, so why not go after the "other tool," rather than focus on firearms? I mean you are REALLY concerned about saving lives, right? *smh*
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