Thursday, December 3, 2015

Mass shootings and "active shooter drills" taking place at the same time

by Floyd Bayne  on 12-3-2015

Maybe one of you intrepid individuals has done or will do some research to find out how many of the "mass shootings" during recent years took place near where a "active shooter drill" was taking place at the same time.
Oh, and I know you hate and distrust Obama and the government in general, so I ask you, "Do you think that the government that wants to take your guns is willing and able to create 'incidents' that will help them advance that agenda?" Now I'll wait until your knees stop jerking and you are willing to think it through, but consider the agenda and then consider how best to advance that agenda. Do you think that there are people out there, in the government and the media, who are capable of creating scenarios that would create an emotional "got to do something atmosphere" that would help them advance that agenda?

OK, go!