Friday, July 17, 2015

Another shooting, more questions

Well, once again an insane individual has murdered Americans. Again, the murders took place at a military site and the victims were members of the military, specifically the Navy and the Marines. Again, the usual screams and jerking of knees calling for more gun-control. You know the script.

And again, this situation and the reporting surrounding it gives me pause for thought and conjures up questions. Questions that seem to me to be borne of common sense and experience, but which seem to far too many Americans unworthy of consideration. Of course, that won't keep me from asking them.

On the way to work this morning the news on the radio stated that the FBI announced that the "shooter acted alone." Really? In less than twenty-four hours the FBI, vaunted paragons of investigative prowess that they are, were able to make that determination? Think about that, less than twenty-four hours. C.S.I. Miami would be impressed with such timely work. That's right ladies and gentlemen, we conducted and finished our investigation by the end of the show, and got all the commercials in, too. Of course by the time I got home this afternoon that story was "evolving." This raises the questions; Who makes these statements and why so soon after? Who are these reporters who don't know how to ask simple, basic, investigative questions after such an incident? And who are these Americans who just soak it all in like a dry sponge, believing any and everything the media tells them?

Moving on -

As is to be expected, no one heard of this guy, knew this guy, had any reason to suspect this guy might do this, etc. HELLO! NSA! Anyone there? You guys remember the NSA don't you? That branch of the government that is spying on ALL Americans...........for our own safety of course. Well excuse me for asking the obvious, but why didn't the NSA's spying see this coming? And if they didn't see it coming then what's the point of all the spying? Is it really effective for its stated purpose? One news report has this guy traveling to the Middle East numerous times. Given the current state of fear-inspired security in this country, where our rights don't matter, because we have to have security, why didn't this send up any red flags and get him on the NSA's or FBI's radar screen? Does the NSA really spy on us to further the cause of security or is it just to keep tabs on those Americans who aren't "drinking the Kool-Aid?" You know the answer to that last question as well as I do.

And finally: This was another shooting within the safe and warming caress of a "gun free zone." Didn't this guy know that he wasn't supposed to have a gun there? It was against the law, after all. But this was no ordinary gun free zone. No, this was a military facility, manned by military personnel. You know, people who have been trained in the proper use and application of firearms. Even military personnel who may now be doing desk work or driving a truck have been trained, in Basic Training, how to use a firearm. The question this raises in my mind is specifically aimed at (no pun intended) those who call for more gun control, the ANTI- Second Amendment folks.

You people know who you are and I hope you see this message somehow, because I would love to hear your answers to what I am about to ask you. I hear you all the time telling us how no one should own a firearm of any kind. The Second Amendment is antiquated and has outlived its usefulness. You then tell us that "Only police and military personnel should have firearms." Anyone else remember hearing this from the anti- crowd? OK, anti-Second Amendment people, if only the police and MILITARY should have firearms, because ONLY THEY are properly trained and only they will use them properly, then why are military personnel, people trained in the use of firearms, not allowed to carry firearms at work, in military facilities, on American soil? Hmmm? Please speak up. You can't have it both ways. Please explain this to us Pro-Second Amendment troglodytes. We need to understand. Only you can clear this up for us, as we are just not as smart as you are and  cannot grasp the complexities and nuances of this issue.

I will continue to ask questions and hope that I can get some logical answers.