Friday, November 7, 2014

Here we go! The excuses and name-calling have already begun.

Here we go! The excuses and name-calling have already begun. Because Ed Gillespie did not enjoy the same success that Dave Brat did it has to be because of those pesky Libertarians/Sarvis voters, right? Couldn't possibly be anything else. Couldn't possibly be that as a candidate Ed Gillespie sucked. Naw that can't be it, has to be the Sarvis voters. Hey, news flash guys, a Libertarian Named Carr was running in the 7th district and Dave Brat still won. Could it be because Brat is a newcomer, a better candidate, and is not seen as being a "Washington insider?" Hmmm?
And I guess this point must be made again - Why do you Republicans always assume that the people who voted for Sarvis, or any Libertarian or third party candidate, were going to vote for your Republican? Do you not understand that these were people who were NOT GOING TO VOTE AT ALL in many cases, but opted to do so only when a third option presented itself? Oh, and you also know that the L's take votes from the D's, as well, don't you?
And last year, when Cuccinelli lost to McAwful, there were two other statewide races in which Republicans lost, as well. In each of those races there were NO LIBERTARIANS RUNNING. So please, explain to this uneducated bumpkin how they lost? What excuse have you been using to explain that one? Who have you blamed for those loses?
So, if it makes you feel better then keep on calling people who seek liberty any names that you like. Keep deluding yourselves and convincing yourselves that when your guy loses it has to be someone elses fault. At some point you are simply going to have to come to grips with the fact that the Republican Party, with a few rare exceptions, just keeps offering up piss-poor candidates. But what do I know. Many of the same people who thought I had lost my mind when I challenged Cantor finally had to admit that I was right (and I know it just kills many of them).