Thursday, May 15, 2014

Cantor and his Minions Respond to Convention Fiasco by Spreading More Lies

By Floyd Bayne

cantor-pinocchioI wondered how Cantor and his minions would respond after Saturday's comeuppance and he did just as I expected he would - he doubled down.

I got two mailers today from his campaign. In one he continues the lie about Brat being a "liberal." Really, Eric, is that all you have? In the other, Cantor tells us how he is "Fighting for conservative values in Washington, D.C." Uhh, I guess his definition of "conservative" differs from mine.

Among the bullet points he makes (and hopes we're too stupid to know he's lying) are:

"Full repeal of Obamacare and replace it with real reform that protects the patient-doctor relationship and allows you to keep your health care plan."

Really, Eric? Is that why you continue to vote to allow funding for Obamacare? And will the "new plan" be a Republican approved government plan? That would mean that the government is still involved in what should be a free market decision, but that's OK, as long as the GOP approves, right?

"Tax relief for small businesses...."

Come on, Eric, when was the last time any type of tax reduction bill was placed before Congress?

"Continue to cut wasteful spending and stand up for our conservative values."

GOOD GRIEF! How delusional can the man be?! This is the same guy who voted for TARP, PEPFAR, keeps throwing money at AmTrak, and a whole laundry list of unconstitutional spending. Do I need to repost my research list again?

"Oppose Obama's spending hikes and tax increases."

*sigh* You know, it is truly sad that there are people in the 7th district who will actually believe this garbage. Oppose, huh? Explain then why you just voted to give Obama an UNLIMITED DEBT CEILING and no restrictions on spending.

Come on people. If any of you who are reading this still buy into Cantor's lies I would ask you to please do yourself and the rest of the 7th district a favor and just do some homework. Use your computer and go check Cantor's voting record. You can find the information on my Website blog at  or on my Facebook page: Floyd Bayne On the Issues of the Day.

Just do it and you'll see that I am not making this stuff up and that Cantor is not who he wants you to believe he is. Do you have the courage to see that you have been deceived?