Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Republicans Becoming the Enemy

Posted by Kirby Harris

kasich traitorWow, Republicans are becoming the enemy. Republican Ohio Governor John Kasich is trying to bypass his state’s General Assembly who are trying to block Obamacare. I thought Mr. Kasich was this stalwart of the conservative limited government politicians?

The Ohio Tea Party and many in the Ohio Republican Party are outraged by Governor John Kasich’s budget and for now going around the People’s Legislature by trying to force Medicaid Expansion for Obamacare when the legislature rejected it.

The Republican Party is DEAD! Time to either throw out all the fake big government conservatives out of the party and leadership, START a NEW third Party or migrate to a current third party making it a second party.

Here is the story from Freedom Works:

Governor John Kasich’s administration last week requested the Ohio Controlling Board appropriate Obamacare funds for Medicaid expansion, an attempt to circumvent the General Assembly for billions in new entitlement funding from DC.

Despite the partial shutdown of the federal government, a plan amendment submitted to DC by Ohio Department of Medicaid Director John McCarthy to expand eligibility was approved on October 10.

As Statehouse insiders have speculated for weeks, the Kasich Administration will go to the Controlling Board on October 21 to make its case — although without an executive order from the governor, as was widely predicted.

Unfortunately for Gov. Kasich, the Controlling Board “shall take no action which does not carry out the legislative intent of the general assembly,” according to the Ohio Revised Code.

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