Saturday, September 7, 2013

Try Again?

And so it continues. My Congressman, House Majority Leader Eric Ivan Cantor, continues to prove that he cares not a whit about the Constitution, the Republican Creed, or his constituents wishes, as I have been pointing out for the past four years. The three latest examples are his refusal to defund Obamacare, despite his earlier promises to do so, his stated plan to provide amnesty for illegal aliens, and his willingness to support Obama's attack on Syria.

Finally, some of the voters in the 7th district are starting to see what I and others have known for some years now. People are calling for someone to "primary" Cantor and get rid of him. I have had many requests from people to "please run again," so we can get rid of Cantor. I wish now to address these requests.

I would love to challenge Eric Cantor again, but I must also recognize certain realities of life. If I have learned nothing else over the last two campaigns it is that a candidate, any candidate, who hopes to unseat an incumbent, must have lots and lots of money. Anyone who pays even a modicum of attention knows that Cantor has lots of money. He has been bought and paid for for many years now and in addition, the party establishment wants him there, so the party provides a great deal of money for him as well.

I have to be frank with you and tell you that I simply do not know how to raise that kind of money. Oh, the individual donations part I can do and have done, but the kind of money needed to defeat a Cantor is in another league altogether. I know that if I could get my message before the people they would see that Cantor needs to go and that I would represent them according to the Constitution, but there is always the money.

People can always "write-in" a candidate, but again, the voters of the 7th district need to know that there is another candidate willing to take that seat and serve, and now we are back to the money again. I will make it clear, once again, that I am willing to serve and understand the concept of being a "citizen-legislator," not a professional, career politician. However, I need the expert help of someone who knows how to raise the kind of money that is needed to be competitive. I make no bones about it, I have learned that lesson and unashamedly ask for the help needed to make this happen.

If you know anyone who can help me raise that kind of money and help with a campaign, please put us in touch with each other. I am willing to try again, but I cannot do it on the same kind of budget I have had in the past. If this cannot be done then I will simply continue to do what I can as a private citizen to effect change and return our country to the concept of a limited federal government under the Constitution.

Thank you all for your support and kind words over the past four years and for making it clear that you would like me to run again. It is greatly appreciated.