Thursday, June 6, 2013


    On this date 64 years ago, George Orwell's classic, 1984, was published. I want you to keep that in mind as you read through some of the articles I will list at the end of this post.

   In each of the articles, which, by the way, you won't see from many sources in the main-stream-media, there is a common thread. A thread that has been brought to us by both major political parties and the people who vote for them. Oh yes, I said it - those of you who keep voting for the poltroons who enact the laws, or overlook our rights, are just as much to blame as those who are carrying out these affronts. But don't do anything about it, please. Just get angry with me or anyone else who dares to point this out. Tell me and your friends how "out of touch" I am with reality or how I just don't "understand the threat" to our safety. I know it helps you sleep better if you can place the blame anywhere but where it actually belongs.

   Let's take a brief journey into the past, shall we? George W. Bush decides we need the Patriot Act after the events of 9/11. Republicans, so called "conservatives," and neocons were ecstatic about this effort to protect us from those evil, ever-present terrorists, remember? I mean, how could this be a bad thing? It was named the PATRIOT Act. On the other hand, Democrats were up in arms about the potential for violations of our civil rights. Wiretapping phones with no warrant?! Profiling people just because of how they looked or what kind of name they had?! Why, this is just typical of those fascist Republicans. How dare they assault our beloved Constitution and Bill of Rights like this. Remember? REMEMBER?!

   Fast forward a few years. Now we have a Democrat in the White House. Not just any Democrat mind you, but a Marxist who, if recent news stories are to be believed, has no idea what is going on in his administration. Not only has he continued the Patriot Act, but has added to the onerous aspects of it. He has created, with the help of both parties in Congress, even more affronts to our Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The stories of Democrat voters expressing their anger with these assaults on our rights abound throughout the news............wait.........what? There are no angry protests from Democrat voters regarding this? But.....but how can that be? When Bush did it they went absolutely apoplectic about the violations of our rights. Surely they would remain consistent in their righteous indignation. Wouldn't they?

   At the same time the Republican/"conservative"/Neocons among us were just fine with Bush's efforts, because, after all, we had to do something to protect us from those pesky terrorists. More police, more security, more military in more places? It's all good. You're not a true American if you don't love anything and everything about the police and the military and how they are used, according to many Republicans. Please allow me to ask you a question. Who or what has been responsible for the disappearance of the majority of our nation's civil rights and liberties since 9/11/2001? Seriously, who? Who has passed the laws, signed the laws into effect, or, more specifically, who has ignored the Constitution and the Bill of Rights? I can hear you now. All the Republicans are pointing at Democrats, especially Obama, and all the Democrats are pointing at Republicans, especially Bush. I am willing to bet that not very many are looking at their own party. I am even more willing to bet that very few, very few indeed, are actually looking within. Looking in the mirror and asking, "Who have I been voting for? Have I been holding them accountable?" Naw, it's easier to just blame the other guy.

   Now then, read these articles I have included here. Democrats, where is your righteous indignation now? Are you OK with this? Republicans, I know you are angry because this is occurring under the Obama administration, but you do realize that this started under Bush, right? You do realize that Republicans in Congress have given Obama and his Department of Homeland Security ever more power to keep doing this to us, right? Just look up the voting records on all of the bills that have been signed into law that further erode our civil rights. DO IT! LOOK IT UP! The multitudinous laws that have assaulted our Constitution and Bill of Rights could not have been passed into law without a majority of Republican votes in Congress. Get your partisan head out of..........the sand. Collecting phone data without warrants, searching laptops and phones based on "a hunch," the FBI wants a "backdoor" into your software, and on and on. Yeah, keep blaming it on the other guy. That has worked so well for us this far.

   I wonder, if George Orwell were alive today and he was planning to write a book about the evolution of a police state in a formerly free country, where do you think he could go from here?

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