Saturday, February 2, 2013

You know what really pisses me off?

You know what really pisses me off? It really pisses me off that immigrants to this country (LEGAL IMMIGRANTS) have to tell native-born Americans what freedom is. Someone who has come here from Russia, Korea, China, Vietnam  Central and South America, any European country, and chose to do so to get away from oppressive government and a dearth of personal freedom/liberty. They chose to come here, not to create an enclave of their own or to "change" this country, but to assimilate and "become Americans."

These immigrants left oppression only to find it in their new home. And these people have to be the ones to stand up and tell native-born Americans what it is we are losing, what socialism/communism/fascism is, how those "isms" have failed everywhere else on Earth, and how foolish it is to think those "isms" will work here. I know some of these new Americans. They are personal and/or Facebook friends. I have spoken with them, spent time with them, shared ideas and stories with them, and I will tell you this without hesitation or fear of condemnation - THEY ARE REAL AMERICANS! They are real Americans because they, more than those who were born here, understand what America is supposed to be about. They have lived the life of the oppressed and do not wish to do so again. They know how rights are taken away under the guise of "our safety" or for the benefit of the state.

I look at these people and listen to them and hear their stories and hear of their love of freedom and the sacrifices they had to make to come here seeking the freedom that all humans are inherently born with, the freedom that is OUR birthright as Americans, and I am embarrassed by many of my fellow native-born Americans. I hear those who want the government nanny to be their caretaker, those who feel "entitled" to live off the sweat and toil of others, those who have absolutely no understanding of liberty and personal responsibility, and I weep for my country. Then I turn to the "new" Americans and I am heartened. I know that there are those who share my desire for liberty, who are willing to succeed or fail on their own merits, all they ask is that the government put no artificial, contrived obstacles in their way. These new Americans came here seeking the America that was designed by our Founding Fathers, so that they, too, could know what freedom is.

I am also fortunate to know and have as my friends, on Facebook and in my personal life, those native-born Americans who do get it. Those who don't have to have their rights stripped away from them in order to appreciate what freedom is. The sadness I feel is from knowing that far too many of my fellow countrymen do not get it, they do not understand what it is they are losing, or they just don't care. 

So, if you are feeling down some days and wondering is our efforts are worth the trials and travails, just look up one these new Americans, talk to them, hear their stories, feel the pride they have in becoming an American, and you may feel refreshed. Introduce these new Americans to any liberal friends you may have and have them explain what a real "big government" is all about. Have them explain what happens to a country, a culture, a people, when they are stripped of their freedom and their human rights. Who knows, maybe that is who the big government types need to hear from. They certainly aren't listening to us.