Monday, February 18, 2013

The danger of "Feel Good" laws (re-post of Pat Webb)

The danger of "Feel Good" laws:

In the rush by our Legislatures to "DO SOMETHING" to make us all *FEEL* safe, there has been much talk about universal background checks. Let us dissect this concept and apply the laws of unintended consequences. We are all aware of how these types of laws have, in the past, turned teenage girls with a dose of Midol in their purse while at school into "drug offenders", and more recently a second grader with an "L" shaped piece of paper into a "child with a gun at school". Here is the skinny on the universal background check.

Let me start by saying that no responsible, law-abiding person wants to facilitate guns falling into the hands of criminals. However, we must examine how criminals actually do get guns. Do they go to the store and buy them? No, they don't. Do they get them at gun shows? According to the FBI statistics, less than 2% of guns used in crimes come from gun shows. Do they steal them or buy them on the black market? Aha! I think we are on to something here! Will these universal background checks affect this type of acquisition? Um, no.

For the sake of argument, let's just say that we DO pass a universal background check law. How would this be enforced? How will the government know if you sell your gun to your cousin Larry? The ONLY way to keep tabs on the legal transfer of guns is if ALL GUNS ARE REGISTERED. This bears repeating...the only way for Uncle Sam to be able to implement a universal background check system is if he knows without a doubt every gun owned by every person in the nation. There are two problems with this. Do you think that Mr. Robber or Mr. Rapist is going to report their (illegally possessed) guns to The Man? Probably not. But even more disconcerting is the fact that in *every* case of gun registration throughout history, confiscation has followed. Once that happens, the only people with guns are criminals and the government...arguably synonymous in some cases.

We must refocus our attention on the real issue. Gun ownership, indeed citizenship, is not only a right but a responsibility. As gun owners we are responsible for keeping our firearms secure and using them in a safe manner. As citizens, we are responsible for our own safety and the security of our families, our homes, our communities. In fact, the courts have repeatedly upheld that Law Enforcement Officers do *NOT* have a duty to protect the individual. That, my friend, is up to you.

So when you contact your representatives (you DO contact your representatives, right?) tell them that you will not stand for gun registration under the guise of Universal Background Checks. Tell them that we, as law abiding American citizens will stand for nothing less than an unencumbered right to keep and bear arms. Tell that we are watching them and will not tolerate any more attacks on our Constitutional Rights.

Pat Webb

This may be shared in its entirety with proper credit. Thanks to all for everything you do to protect our Freedoms and our way of life!