Saturday, December 15, 2012

This is fair?

            We hear much talk about “fairness” coming from those on the left side of the political spectrum. There should be fairness in wages, there should be fairness in marriage, there should be fairness in employment opportunity, and the list goes on and on. You’ve all seen it and heard it. However, there does seem to one area of our culture where fairness is not so important in the eyes of the liberal: Taxes.

            Apparently it is A-OK, fair beyond dispute, for some people to have to pay more in taxes (A higher percentage) than others. But wait, what if that tax affects those liberals and their friends? Is it still fair? Should “changes” be made to accommodate those who sit on the same side of the political spectrum as the liberals among us? That question may soon be answered, and won’t it be deliciously fascinating to see just how the left reacts when they are affected like the rest of us.

            I want you to imagine, yes, even you liberals and Democrats (I repeat myself) reading this, try to imagine that you have worked all of your life. Maybe for the same company, maybe you’ve bounced around a little in the job market, but you have always managed to stay employed. During that time you have tried your best to spend and save your money wisely, knowing, as we all do, that some day you will no longer work and will hope to have enough money saved to be able to enjoy your retirement. You also know that you are not going to walk this earthly plane forever and so you have made arrangements to leave your estate and savings to your prodigy, or someone else of your choosing. With me so far? Good.

            Throughout those many years of work you have been taxed on your earnings. Taxed by the state and federal government. Taxed by your local government on services and other expenditures. Taxed when you buy things, like groceries. Taxed for using your phone, taxed for having cable TV, taxed, taxed, taxed. Go ahead make a list of all the things that you are taxed on. You’ll need a couple of legal pads, but I’ll wait. Now then, the time has come, that time that all families know is coming, but they all still fear and do not wish to think about – you die. Yes, that’s right, you pass on, kick the bucket, turned to room temperature, you are no longer amongst the living. Now what? As noted earlier, you have worked hard all your life, been taxed on all of your earnings along the way, but you have managed to accumulate some savings and you own some property. What will become of it?

            Being the good parent that you were you have made arrangements. You contacted a lawyer years ago and made out a will. You and your spouse sat down together and determined who would receive the various portions of your estate. You have the house you live in, all paid for and owned outright for a few years now (Oh, yes, and you were taxed on that purchase as well). A couple of cars, also paid for (You were taxed on those as well). Maybe you own some timeshare or a vacation home on the beach (Both of which you have paid taxes on). You made some wise investments over the years and your 401K, or IRA, or other retirement fund has a good chunk of change in it. Are you getting the picture yet? All this you did, not just for yourself and a comfortable retirement, but knowing that you would be leaving something to your children when you passed on. Good, sound, thinking, wouldn’t you say?
            Ah, but now the disbursement is to take place. The fruits of your labors are to be disseminated among the recipients of your hard work and benevolence. But wait! What’s this?! The IRS has contacted the lawyer or the executor of the estate and wants you to pony up the 55% of that estate that you owe them. SAY WHAT?! 55%?! That’s right you paragons of fairness, 55%! All you Democrats, liberals, progressive Republicans, Obama voters, and advocates of “fairness” – 55 PERCENT OF EVERYTHING YOU HAVE SAVED – AND ALREADY BEEN TAXED ON – IS TO GO TO THE GOVERNMENT, BEFORE ANYONE ELSE CAN LAY CLAIM TO IT! But hey, that’s fair, right? RIGHT?!

            I know that there are some Democrats, liberals, Obama voters who read my page, and you know who you are. This is what your vote, your way of thinking, your “fairness,” has gotten us. Don’t try to run and hide now. Don’t you dare pretend that you had no part in this. I want you to explain to us evil advocates of liberty and personal responsibility just how this is fair to anyone. Go ahead, give it a try. I can’t wait to see what kind of knots you have to twist yourself into to explain this one. FAIR?! Over half of everything you have worked for and saved, which has already been taxed, is to go to the government. PLEASE, EXPLAIN IT TO ME! This sort of thing is insidious on so many levels and is anything but fair. And I, for one, will not ignore the role that YOU played in bringing this about. I will not be nice or “tolerant” of such views. Not when those views only further erode the liberty that is my birthright.

            Let me ask you this, do you think liberal icons, your heroes, like John Kerry, Harry Reid, Bill Clinton, or any of the Kennedy Clan will have to pay these taxes? If you do then you are a special kind of fool, aren’t you. The rich liberal, especially those who implement the laws that affect the rest of us, will do as they have always done; they will hide their money. Oh yes, they will find all kinds of loopholes and special investments (Many created by them for them), or off-shore banks, that you and I will not have access to. But that’s OK isn’t it, because they are your guys and it’s just fine when they do it. So, own it, acknowledge it, be proud of who you are and what you advocate. Don’t hide from it or pretend that you played no part in this. And in being proud of your views on this topic please take advantage of the opportunity to educate the ignorant among us, who just don’t understand why this is fair. I’m sure there’s a reasonable, logical explanation you can offer up. Go ahead, I’m waiting.