Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Do You Get It Yet?!

I want you to watch this video.

  Did you watch it? Now I know that many of you reading this are Glenn Beck fans and believe him over many other sources of news, so bear with me on this. Did you hear what he said in the video? What comes to your mind while listening to the tangled web that our government created and he is reporting on? Do you think Glenn has received good, verifiable information? Do you agree with his assessment of the situation and what should be done to those who are responsible for this debacle? There are a lot of questions yet remaining to be answered, but there are some things that we now know for sure and others that may be logically inferred.

  I have some thoughts of my own, regarding this situation and Mr. Beck's report. It will come as no surprise to any of you that I feel compelled to speak about this. And be assured that I am speaking in the most forceful terms possible, using the printed word. Let's go over a few items again; Obama, the State Department, and others in high ranking places knew what was really happening and did nothing. They did nothing in the hopes that the terrorists would "clean up Obama's mess" before anyone found out what our Ambassador was really doing in Libya. That effort is now unraveling. Four U.S. citizens are now dead, because of the job they were asked to do and then their call for help was ignored.

  As more facts come to light it is becoming ever more apparent that we, once again, have seen our meddling in the Middle East come back to bite us, and four murdered Americans, in the ass. Those we hope to use as confederates in another effort to undermine a sovereign country's government, have then taken our training and weapons and turned them on us. Have we seen this movie before? Anything about this sound at all familiar? Have we been warned about the potential for this happening again by anyone.............ANYONE AT ALL?!

   Now you love Glenn Beck, don't try to deny it, you know you do, I see your posts on FaceBook touting his show and his grasp of the issues facing us today. So, is Glenn lying to us? Does he have his facts wrong? Does he have some hidden agenda? Perhaps he is pushing this in an effort to unseat Obama and get Romney elected. Yes? No? Maybe? The fact is we don't need Glenn Beck to tell us what many of us already know, but there are those who must have their opinions validated, and Beck serves that purpose. Our CIA is once again being used to foment unrest and influence the affairs of another country in the Middle East. The agency that was supposed to simply gather intelligence, so that our government may know what is going on in the world, is actually getting involved in the affairs of other nations. And once again we see the results.

  So, now I have to ask you, dear reader, DO YOU GET IT YET?! WELL, DO YOU?! Do you still think that our government should be influencing the affairs of other nations in this manner? Do you still think that we should be the world's policemen? Do you still think that we have some sort of Divine Right to "spread democracy" around the world? How much more unnecessary unrest must we foment? How many more Americans have to die? How much longer are you going to pretend that your support of and votes for the people who encourage and allow this to happen leave you blameless? Oh, we're all guilty to some degree. Some of us because we voted for such people without knowing more about them and others of us because, knowing what we do know, keep voting for them anyway. You know you do. You are the ones who tell me all the time that we must be a presence in the world, a force for good. Yeah? Well how's that working out for us so far?

   Oh, but Floyd, once Obama is gone this sort of thing will stop. Really? Have you looked back at our history? This is not the first time this sort of thing has happened. Remember that Osama bin Laden guy? Remember who trained and armed him? Remember who taught him how to kill and destroy? And he is just one in a long list of similar examples. You think Mitt Romney will be any different? Did you listen to any of the things he said about foreign policy during the debates, during any of his campaign speeches, news interviews, anything? Oh, I'll grant you, Romney would probably have sent help, where Obama did not, but if you think he won't have the CIA continuing its mission unabated then you just haven't been paying attention.

 We had one Republican who spoke of this issue and how to solve it, but he was laughed at and called crazy. He was even booed at one debate when he had the nerve to talk about the Golden Rule. Well we blew that chance and he is out of the picture. Is there anyone else out there who has a similar foreign policy? Someone who understands that meddling in others affairs can only lead to more such problems? Someone who is willing to reign in the CIA and our foreign policies and return to a foreign policy of our Founding Fathers, a non-interventionist foreign policy? You know there is, but you won't vote for them, because they "have no chance of winning." Of course that is a self fulfilling prophecy if you won't vote for them.

  I believe that Obama, Hillary Clinton, and anyone else who is shown to be complicit in this, should be tried, some for treason, and if found guilty we should do what we traditionally used to do to traitors, and no, I do not mean life in prison. But we don't have the stomach for that anymore, do we?

   In the meantime let's just keep doing what we've been doing for years now. Let's keep electing people who think that using our military and covert agencies to "influence" other countries is just A-OK! We'll continue to overlook the unconstitutional nature of these actions, because after all, its our destiny to make others do as we do, right? We'll continue to call those who are killed in this effort heroes for the cause, even though the "cause" is suspect at best, and even though they didn't have to die. We'll keep telling ourselves that its all for the best, because in the long run it will pay dividends. Unfortunately there are those who will not be around to see us collect those dividends.